Which Is The Best Investment Gold Or Silver


Which Is The Best Investment Gold Or Silver?



gold vs silver investmentGold is really the precious metal of choice especially when it comes to jewelry. Gold is highly regarded as the premier store of value and is held in most central banks world wide.

Even with all the ups and downs in the market place, gold has proven to be a safe and profitable investment and continues to out preform any commodity. In 2013 gold is to be recognized as a tier 1 asset for all central banks which is sure to make the precious metal an even more desirable investment choice.

Recently China has surpassed India as a major buyer of gold and China’s seemingly insatiable need for gold is ever increasing. China’s citizens are buying gold like it’s going out of style. SPDR Gold is now one of the top 5 holders of gold bullion in the world as investors cling to the safety of gold while other currency’s fail.


So which is the best investment gold or silver?


gold vs silver


Which is the best investmentĀ  gold or silver?

gold vs silver



Silver up until recently has been China’s precious metal of choice which has been for centuries. Due to the low price of silver per ounce it can be used easily for commerce. Silver has not only single handily out performed gold but also all commodities in the past 10 years, not to mention a lot more affordable for the average investor.

The supply of silver is expected to lag demand for the next several years and has the highest application for industrial purposes than gold and platinum, 76% for silver, 12% for gold and 70% for platinum.

All in all silver may be a better choice from an investment stand point.




gold vs silver investment

Platinum in today’s market is not considered to be “hard money” or an exchange medium like gold or silver are. There’s a good reason for it even though it is a costly precious metal. We did not have the technology required to melt down platinum into solid bars or even coins, that is of course the meting point of platinum is above 1,700 degrees Celsius. This compared to 1,000 degrees C for gold and silver meaning gold and silver have been traded as currency for centuries.

The first platinum ETF wasn’t unveiled until 2007. Despite its relatively short life span, platinum has an outstanding industrial application potential, including a huge market in the automotive industry. The price of platinum is directly correlated to economic expansion.


Precious metals have become an investors choice in today’s uncertain financial markets, whether it be gold, silver or platinum each have there advantages and disadvantages over the other but none the less a safe bet. Which will perform better than the other? No one has that answer whatever you decide to invest in you can be sure that any precious metal is a safe investment.